Welcome to the excitement that is SpunkX! Every bareback scene showcased here features sizzling bareback sex videos ending with either breeding or creampie finales. Bareback porn videos have included cum in ass climaxes for many years; with the number of cum in ass finales increasing in recent times. Gay porn viewers often have a genuine interest in the ‘money shot’ in bareback videos, which determines how each scene reaches its climax, so this website has been designed to highlight a selection of raw sex videos ending with cum-filled asses.

Some guys also enjoy watching cum eating climax videos and these are hot too, but it seems there are more bareback sex videos ending with cum eating rather than cum in ass finales, which is why this website has come about. There is definitely a need for a website like this, because as you explore bareback porn sites for cum in ass endings, you will sometimes find videos that have been mislabeled and some studios even classify creampie videos as just cum splattered on the outside of the ass, without it getting pushed back inside the ass again.

There has been some confusion by both studios and viewers in the past as to what the terms ‘breeding’ and ‘creampie’ actually mean, so the definition of these two terms has been described below so you know what to expect when you see these terms used here. Some may disagree with these definitions, but for the purpose of this website, the definitions have been explained, so there is no confusion about what is meant by the words  breeding  or  creampie  used here.

 Breeding:  Involves the top ejaculating inside another guy’s ass without pulling out until after he has ejaculated. The idea of breeding is to ensure as much cum as possible floods the bottom’s ass and often you will see some of the cum leaking out or being pushed out so you can see the load that was ‘bred’ inside the bottom’s asshole.

 Creampie:  Involves the top pulling out to ejaculate, then pushing his cummy cock and the remaining cum back inside. This creates a creamy entrance to the bottom’s asshole, that often looks cream glazed, with the remaining cum pushed inside the bottom’s ass, which can be compared to what happens when you stick your finger in a baked cream pie.

This website has been created by Jason, who has been a fan of bareback porn for many years. What excites Jason the most about bareback porn is where the guys cum. Cum is the money shot, so what happens in porn when guys ejaculate is important. When you purchase a membership to a bareback porn website, it can often be difficult to ascertain beforehand whether any of the scenes end with breeding or creampie climaxes, which is where SpunkX comes in handy.

The aim of this resource is to introduce you to bareback porn websites offering breeding and creampie climaxes based on scenes personally watched by Jason. You can rely on SpunkX as your personal assistant for sourcing bareback porn sites that offer a decent amount of breeding and creampie bareback videos. This website will become even better and more useful over time, but even from the beginning, you will immediately be able to find the important purpose behind this resource.

Important Information About Bareback Sex

This website is designed for entertainment purposes only. The performers appearing in the videos featured at this website have likely undergone stringent STI testing before participation in bareback scenes, which gives them the knowledge of their own health status and that of the other performer/s involved. Having unprotected sex in your personal life is considered high risk behavior, so it’s recommended that you make yourself aware of the risks involved with barebacking and risk reduction techniques such as PrEP and sero-sorting before you engage in such activities.