Cameron Parks Breeds Collin Adams in ‘Cum Inside’ at Helix Studios

Cameron Parks Creampies Collin Adams in Cum Inside at Helix Studios

On a sunny day, Collin Adams gets bred by Cameron Parks. The two guys start off kissing outside, with the sunshine and sound of birds adding a sweet element to the scene. It doesn’t take the guys too long to retreat indoors, where they remove their clothes and keep on kissing. After Collin sucks Cameron’s stiff dick, Cameron bends Collin over the sofa and rims his smooth ass, then fingers his hole for a bit, in preparation for what comes next. With Collin still bent over the sofa, Cameron takes him from behind, sticking his bare dick inside as Collin whimpers with pleasure from the sensation. There’s some great angles captured, with distant and closeup shots, so you can really enjoy what’s happening. The guys move to the bedroom, with Collin laying on his back as Cameron fucks him some more. The audio sounds great, with lots of heavy breathing and pleasurable moaning, with Collin spilling a load all over his chest as he’s getting fucked. Cameron keeps fucking Collin, then he pulls out, with the sound of a suction release obvious as Collin’s tight hole responds to the removal of his dick, which he strokes briefly without cumming, before plunging back inside, which is where he ejaculates and you can see his dick spasm nicely from the angle of the camera, then as he pulls his dick out, some cum drips from the tip of his dick onto the bed. Normally pulling out and then ejaculating is what happens in scenes like this, which would have classified this as a creampie, but because Cameron shoved his dick back inside and then climaxed, this one has been categorized as breeding, which is rare for Helix Studios, as most of their bareback scenes ending with creampie rather than breeding climaxes. This scene finishes off with a passionate kiss, just the way it started.

Scene: Cum Inside – Helix Studios
Starring: Cameron Parks (Top) and Collin Adams (Bottom)
Climax Type: Breeding

Cameron Parks and Collin Adams in Cum Inside - Helix Studios
Cameron Parks and Collin Adams in Cum Inside - Helix Studios
Cameron Parks and Collin Adams in Cum Inside - Helix Studios

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