Ryan Bailey gets Creampied by Landon Vega in ‘Daybreak’ at Helix Studios

Ryan Bailey and Landon Vega in Daybreak - Helix Studios

The scenes at Helix Studios are often creative and artistic, which adds to the length of each video. This makes the scenes interesting to watch, because if you’re only interested in the action, you can fast forward and get to what you want to see, or if you’ve got some time and appreciate the beautiful scenes filmed by the studio, then you’re in for a treat. Ryan Bailey and Landon Vega are laying in bed, with the morning sun rising, which in turn leads to their morning wood needing some attention. Ryan runs his hand over Landon’s hard dick, which is being restrained by his underwear. The guys kiss and start pursuing activities their hormones lead them to, like Ryan sucking Landon’s dick and Landon returning the favor. This is a romantic scene with lots of kissing, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of other sexual action featured as well. Landon slides his dick inside Ryan’s ass, with both guys possessing impressive sized cocks, which you can admire as they explore each other. Ryan seems overwhelmed by Landon’s dick and he tries to cope with the sensation, but it’s obvious he’s more accustomed to fucking guys than being fucked by them. Ryan feels much better once his dick has been firmly planted inside Landon’s ass, with topping appearing to be his natural position, particularly since his ass seems so tight. Ryan isn’t the kind of guy who gives up easily, so he once again takes Landon’s cock inside his asshole. There is something that can help soothe a sore ass and that’s having a creamy coating of cum getting pushed inside to moisten things up and help things slide more easily. This scene might be called ‘day break’, but it sounds more like ‘ass break’ for poor Ryan. That load of cum isn’t too far away now, with Landon preparing a nice load inside his body ready to exchange his creamy goodness and make Ryan feel better. Ryan beats his meat and squirts out a nice load all over his stomach, which excites Landon, who pulls out, releases a thick and creamy load all over Ryan’s ass, then he pushes his seed back inside Ryan’s ass, to provide him with the elixir that will make his asshole feel a whole lot better.

Scene: Daybreak – Helix Studios
Starring: Landon Vega (Versatile) and Ryan Bailey (Versatile)
Climax Type: Creampie

Ryan Bailey and Landon Vega in Daybreak - Helix Studios
Ryan Bailey and Landon Vega in Daybreak - Helix Studios
Ryan Bailey and Landon Vega in Daybreak - Helix Studios

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